Drinking Wine…Creatively?!

Women Who Wine

Who doesn’t love to paint? Who doesn’t love wine? Especially when they are combined!  Huckleberry Fine Art is known for exhibiting a vast collection of vibrant oil and acrylic paintings, limited edition signed and numbered prints, books, custom framing, and much more.  But did you know they also teach art classes?  There are several kinds of classes for children, and a slightly different kind of painting class for adults, which requires being over the age of 21.

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Whether you are an aspiring artist or just want to enjoy an evening of painting and drinking, you’ll love the Women Who Wine classes. If painting is not really a skill set or yours, don’t worry about it!  The teacher is ready to teach you on a step-by-step basis. As you attend more classes the easier it gets and the more fun you’ll have! Women who wine classes are 2 hours long, from 7:45 PM to 9:45 PM almost every Tuesday and Friday night! Everything you’ll need for the class is provided: canvases, paints, brushes etc and plenty of wine! The classes are taught in Huckleberry’s wonderful gallery atmosphere, getting those your creative juices flowing.

Huckleberry Fine Art’s Gallery Director, Kerilynn Vigneau, instructs the classes.  With her guidance you are guaranteed to leave with a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. It’s an experience you won’t forget! Bring all your friends for a unique girls night out.  It’s like no other painting class you’ve ever attended.  Classes like this usually run upwards of $60, but HFA charges you only $28, and they keep the drinks flowing!  Sign up for more than one class in advance and the cost of each class will be only $25!

If you are looking to get out of the dinner, drinks, movie night ruts then go to: http://huckleberryfineart.com/WomenWhoWine/

Be sure to sign up for the classes in advance, they fill up fast!

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