We Are Never Far From Nature

We are off to a new year, and, I think you may agree that some contemplation and beauty may be in order for us all. As we encounter more anxiety in our lives, we can better appreciate the opportunities to de-stress and re-invigorate our bodies and minds.

It is at times like these that the natural and supernatural worlds can provide the most beneficial results. We exercise, meditate, create, and find joy in being with friends and family. Weather permitting, we venture outdoors to get in that run, a trek in the snow, or even a swim. Wherever we are in our busy lives, it is imperative that we allow ourselves to have these moments to get back to what is important to us- to uplift our spirits, to dream, and re-charge.

Rob Gonsalves has once again provided us with inspiration to achieve these goals. In creating these two new releases, “Pursuit of Balance” and “Union of Sea and Sky”, this fine artist has invited us to another way of seeing and appreciating that which is around us. His vision, steeped with mystery and sublime beauty, reinforces the importance of  communing with nature and elevating our spirits through the myriad of experiences available to us in our universe.

I am thrilled to share these “transformative” artworks with you. Not one to speak in hyperbole, I truly believe that art has the ability to move us to a different place, inspiring us to change, to have a new perspective, and to grow. Take one moment, have a look, a breath, and open your eyes and hearts to the world around you.

                                                                 PURSUIT OF BALANCE

“Pursuit of Balance” is a commentary on the fragility of life and how we are always searching for balance in our lives, whether it be in the physical or spiritual realm.


                                                          UNION OF SEA AND SKY

“Union of Sea and Sky” is a depiction of the mystery and beauty of the deep blue ocean. It is a re-imagining of our childhood fantasies of the transformation of clouds into these magical and mystical creatures of the sea.

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