The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss


Green Cat in Uleaborg Finland Subway by Dr. Seuss

We all know Dr. Seuss is known for the Cat in the Hat. He is one of the most influential people in the world from the last century. Now Huckleberry Fine Art is helping the world get a little more acclimated with his art including illustrations from his infamous books. Dr. Seuss illustrated and wrote all of his books.


Green Cat with Lights by Dr. Seuss

However he did more for the art world than just foster children’s fantasies for an imagined world. He also completed many works of art for his own pleasure with no connection with the books what so ever.These intimate pieces of Dr. Seuss’s mind transformed into wonderful works of art are referred to as his Secret Art.

Every Girl Should Have A Unicorn by Dr. Seuss

Every Girl Should Have A Unicorn by Dr. Seuss

They include never before seen works of cats, and other imagined creatures. Of these works, Green Cat with LightsGreen Cat In Uleaborg Finland Subway, and Every Girl Should Have a Unicorn are all representations of Dr. Seuss’s signature style of vibrant colors and dramatic scenery. With our fall Dr. Seuss themed show, Oh The Places You’ll Go, fast approaching be sure to stop by Huckleberry Fine Art to experience Dr. Seuss’s Secret Art never before seen.

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