Susan Clifford-Clark: The Modern JMW Turner

Many artists are inspired by the world around them. The same can be said for Susan Clifford-Clark in her awe-inspiring landscape paintings. It takes a special kind of person to interpret this beautiful earth and translate it into something material while still maintaining a transcendental feeling.

Height of the Storm 26x34 oil on linen

Height of the Storm 26×34 oil on linen

When I first saw Clifford-Clark’s paintings I could feel the warmth illuminating the canvas as the light touched the horizons. Turner was said to be a painter of the atmosphere. Turner’s Snow Storm and Clifford-Clark’s Height of the Storm both depict the sensation created by being in the eye of a turbulent storm. Clifford-Clark and Turner focus more on the passion that the earth exuded than the actual realistic depiction of the world. This superior talent of both these artists to conjure our carnal emotions within their work makes their paintings that much more pleasurable.

Snow Storm by JMW Turner 914 x 1219 mm oil paint on canvas

Snow Storm by JMW Turner 914 x 1219 mm oil paint on canvas

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