Rob Gonsalves: The Weaving of a Spring Dream

Weaving of a Spring Dream

The Weaving of a Spring Dream by Rob Gonsalves

Who doesn’t love to curled up next to the fire on a cold winter night? I know I do and apparently so does Rob Gonsalves. My speculation comes from his latest addition to his vibrant oeuvre, Weaving of a Spring Dream, in which a girl is depicted sleeping on a red couch in her living room. But to the viewers delight the ornate rug transforms into a luscious spring garden. Some art historians might say that the scene in the foreground is a representation of the girls dream. The window in the back next to the fire presents a chilly blue snow covered outside world, which contrasts not only in temperature but also in color to the warm orange and yellow glow of the fire. This glow brings to life the delicate pattern of the mint green and soft yellow decorative rug. Each swirling of the design alters its appearance to become spring leaves on trees surrounding a active blue fountain. It seems Gonsalves’ tricked us again in the belief that human life and nature are as intertwined as the rugs threads. For example, in Gonsalves’ Water Dancing painting, the waterfall morphs into an assemblage of dancers. The human imagination is constantly affected by nature. Come to Huckleberry Fine Art to delve into Rob Gonsalves’ imagination!

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