Rob Gonsalves Returns to Huckleberry Fine Art-A Springtime Exhibition Full of Surprises!

Beyond The Reef, Rob Gonzalves

‘She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head,

And whispered to her neighbor: Winter is dead.’

From “When We Were Very Young” by A.A. Milne

The snow was lovely, but I, for one, am delighted it is gone and the trees and flowers are budding! Well at least here in the mid-Atlantic, we’ve just been dealing with rain, rain, and more rain. Being a gardener with a limited amount of time to get outside and dig and plant; these wet days present a particular challenge. Though I am grateful that I do not have to make the required daily sojourns into the yard with buckets to water my newly planted herbs and flowers, I long for the sunshine again  (if only for a brief hour or two). It got me thinking that every condition of nature seems to inspire a desire for the opposite after a while, drought or flood, dark or light, activity or rest…

I am so fortunate to live and work in an environment surrounded by fine art. It satisfies a lifelong hunger that I have had to envelop myself with passion and beauty. Of course, what constitutes beauty is so subjective and I’ve seen it all, from the schlock to the refined, and everything in between. The 40 plus years of experience in the world of art has garnered for me instincts and inspiration, most attributed to my meeting with so many artists, collectors and patrons, each having their own diverse and unique sensibilities and passions. This urge to create, to collect, to participate in this world, is the universal beauty of which I speak. It is the force which drives many of us to work in the arts, and, more importantly, to share the artist’s vision with others.

This month, I am so delighted to welcome back to the gallery, the inimitable Rob Gonsalves. For some, this is an introduction, for others, a familiar friend. This Canadian artist returns on May 13th for a 3 day showing, including some of his brilliant new work. Gonsalves, like the spring, is a timely respite from the cold. His work, featuring imaginative visions and creations, are reminiscent of the dreamlike world of Escher. Rob invites the viewer to venture in and then drift past the familiar borders of reality. Young and old alike can delight in the nostalgia of a spring walk in the garden, or a hike in the snow-capped mountains, only then to learn that it is not a garden after all, and the mountains are also white-capped waves. While the elements in his work are transformed before our eyes, the work can also be considered transformative. Both intriguing and compelling, the artist challenges us to further ponder our own lives and our unique placement in the changing world in which we live.

I am hoping that you will honor us with your presence at this upcoming exhibition. Come alone, or bring a friend or two… Promising a collection of art which will spring an awakening of the senses, and a truly unforgettable experience. A surprise or two awaits!

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