Painting Vibrance – the art of Voytek

With the spring season usually refers to the ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and re-growth and what better way to share that than with Voytek’s newest art! Pairings of soft pastels with vivid bright colors to create a colorful balance are just some of the beautiful touches in Voytek’s paintings. A mixture of blooming flowers and travels abroad inspires these color trends. They refresh, revive and challenge conservative perceptions. These are all elements that are prominent in Voytek’s new artworks that are on display in Huckleberry Fine Art Gallery.


"Marta’s Garden Reborn Colors"

“Marta’s Garden Reborn Colors”


Painting was one of many of the artistic outlets Voytek pursued at the Strzeminsky Art Academy of Poland. He excelled not only in the fine arts but also in graphic arts and set design as well. Voytek worked at great lengths designing and painting sets for plays. The time he spent in and around the theatrical arts helped to mold Voytek’s artistic consciousness and it left him with an increasingly noticeable dramatic spirit.

“Marta’s Garden Ballada"

“Marta’s Garden Ballada”

 Voytek’s oil paintings have a wide variety of topics including warm landscape art that display a firm art historical grounding. Voytek’s artwork illustrates artistic influences from Mark Chagall to Henri Matisse. The colors of Matisse’s Fauvism are evident along with the dream-like quality of Chagall’s in Voytek’s nostalgic paintings of his Eastern European homeland. For Voytek, the memories of his native Poland are a recurring theme, but he transcends a strictly provincial picture by incorporating images from any number of European, American or even purely imagined cities. This combination of Old World sentiments with a new, modern flavor is a constant in Voytek’s art. His artistry is captured by his ability to retain the beauty and serenity of a scene even when applying the most unexpected and untamed colors available from his vibrant palette.


"My Diary Rue Colombine"

“My Diary Rue Colombine”

The drama in Voytek’s painting surpasses the huge skies and bold color juxtapositions. Voytek presents us with a truly dramatic spring collection. His landscapes, brimming with vivid colors and confidently drawn with supple line, seem prepared to embrace the human drama.

All in all they create the vibrance and life we have all been itching for during this never ending winter, and are just perfect for the months of April and May. They brighten up any room and impart feelings of happiness and cheerfulness. If you want to see more of Voytek’s original artwork you can find it hanging in Huckleberry Fine Art Gallery, you can also find his art at

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