Nothing small about a miniature painting


Debra Keirce, who resides in Northern Virginia, is one of Huckleberry Fine Art’s local artists. Debra is a contemporary painter who creates art that tells a story. It’s an extremely detailed real story that invites the onlooker to take a closer glance. Since the beginning of Debra’s painting career she has been drawn to the miniature and small format of fine art.  After she found her expertise in painting miniatures she began to accumulate awards.  Most of her paintings are urban landscapes and still lives with Trompe L’oeil and photorealism influences.  Debra notes, “I enjoy using still life and urban landscapes to tell the stories that are my most thought provoking memories.” These elements are clearly displayed in Debra’s painting titled “Memories” among many others. “Memories” is a larger painting for Keirce, measuring at a whopping 8″ x 6″.


The details in Debra’s paintings are so graphic that her paintings have a 2D impression to them, which is really fantastical.  It gives a glimpse into Debra’s memories, which all seem to look like they would be a lot of fun. 

Debra’s painting technique is a systematic deconstruction and reconstruction.   She literally dissects the subject into its subtle changes of values and colors.   She uses a magnifying lens when she paints, to capture the tightest of renderings. For Debra, one of the joys of painting is “being surprised by the realistic compositions that evolve from a very abstract, emotional creative zone.” Debra is a proud artist who has signature memberships in The Miniature Artists of America, The Miniature Painters, Sculptors, Gravers Society of Washington D.C., and The Hilliard Society in Wells, England. She is also an Art Renewal Center Living Artist. Check out more of her paintings at Huckleberry Fine Art

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