HFA welcomes Pennsylvania artist, Claire Hardy

Huckleberry Fine Art is excited to introduce Claire Hardy as our newest artist.

Poppy Mosaic II

Poppy Mosaic II, 40×30, oil on canvas By Claire Hardy

Claire is a resident of Sewlicky, PA, but grew up in California. Her love of art began early, often drawing as child. It was an art teacher in middle school that first showed her how to properly shade, and create the illusion of form to create a more realistic drawing. Claire earned a business degree from the University of New Mexico, and began working as a graphic designer. Still interested in art and drawing she began taking classical instruction, which lead her to study at the Art Institute of Florence in Italy. This is where she found her love of oil painting.


Dreamlike, 36×48, oil on Canvas by Claire Hardy

Claire has traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, studying art, culture, and history. She paints still life’s, landscapes, and animals, but flowers are her favorite. She is drawn to bright, bold colors. She uses soft brush strokes to smooth and refine edges, resulting in a beautiful and soft, yet bright painting.

Poppy Mosaic

Poppy Mosaic, 30 x 30, oil on canvas by Claire Hardy

We are very excited to be showing five of Claire’s paintings at the gallery. These paintings are a must see, and will brighten up, and add life to any room. So come check out our newest artist, Claire Hardy at Huckleberry Fine Art Gallery.

Claire Hardy plein air painting

Claire Hardy plein air painting


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