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A Word from Our Artists #4

What do you listen to while you’re creating? Rob Gonsalves”When I am in the early stages of creating an image, (conception of the idea and planning it out in sketches) I find I can’t listen to anything because that distracts from my concentration. However, once I finalize the composition of the idea and start painting on […]

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A Word from Our Artists #3

Have you received words of wisdom from mentors past which have stuck with you over the years? Debra Keirce Mentor: Artist Robert C. Jackson, PA “Robert told me it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You ask a lot of these questions, but it’s not like you can do this today and get results tomorrow. If […]

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A Word from Our Artists #2

What inspires you to keep creating? Debra Keirce “I was inspired by the goals I have which are really to hook-up with a number of very reputable galleries…I want to be in a place where I can just be painting and feeding these galleries and that’s my job every day. It’s trying to obtain that goal and […]

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A Word from Our Artists

Today we’re introducing a new series on the blog where we shine a light on the creative geniuses behind the artwork at Huckleberry. Each week we’ll ask our artists a new question about their creative process. For our first post, we’re featuring two painters: Rob Gonsalves, the mind behind magic surrealism, and Debra Keirce, queen of miniatures. And […]

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