Introducing the Paintings of Holly Lombardo and Robert Allison

Blue Sky, Sunrise, and The Forest by Holly Lombardo


Holly Lombardo is a self-taught American painter and photographer who works in watercolors and acrylics, creating landscapes, still life and suburban scenes.The artist’s tag line “I’ve been a painter my whole life, I just didn’t know it”, describes her well. As a trained scientist, having attended an engineering college and graduating with a Master’s in Cell Biology, art was always an admiration of hers and a distant aspiration. It actually seemed out of reach until she decided to pursue her nagging desire to paint once she graduated from college. She bought an inexpensive set of watercolors, paper and a few brushes and was hooked.

Preferring the trial and error method as well as priding herself as a life‐long‐learner, she bought books, studied paintings and techniques on‐line and participated in a few group classes along the way. Moving from exclusively working in watercolors for 15 years to bold, buttery acrylics, she found a new sense of purpose and freedom of expression that allows for more liberties than watercolors. She thoughtfully layers colors and takes advantage of negative space, all with the goal of showcasing the blue skies between colorful autumn leaves, fading horizons behind forests of trees, and capturing the shadows and light play on snow, dunes, and ocean waves.

Holly finds the art she creates to be representative of the natural world in which she spent her childhood growing up in Maine. The rocky shore, the endless rows of trees and the scent of the salt‐spray provided perfect opportunity to influence her work and communicate her passion for color and nature.

White Poppies on Red, Poppies on Grey, White Poppies on Teal, by Robert Allison

Red Poppies on Grey

Robert Allison was born in Alabama in the mid twentieth century, the youngest of four children.  His father was involved in a variety of business enterprises but eventually became self employed and moved his family to Missouri.  There Allison attended public school.  He was a typical young man, a good student, involved in sports, theater and other school activities.  He showed an early interest in the arts and was very imaginative and creative.

After high school, Allison received his under graduate degree in English from a small mid-west college.  Like his father before him, he too, dabbled in several business ventures out of college, and he too, became self employed at an early age.  As time permitted from Allison’s busy personal and business life, he took a great interest in art and artists.  He taught himself to paint by observing others, picking up professional techniques as he went along.  A private person, not seeking nor desiring fame or notoriety, Allison’s work has been shown in many galleries and exhibits in the United States.  He says he painted for years for his own pleasure, but at the urging of family and friends, agreed to share his work with others.  His paintings exhibit the joy he has in life.  He tries to express this joy and gratitude with color and design in his art.

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