About Us

As the premier art gallery in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Huckleberry Fine Art specializes in finding emerging artists locally and internationally. Since its 1994 origins, the gallery has been exhibiting a vast collection of vibrant oil and acrylic paintings, limited edition signed and numbered prints, sculptures, photography, art books and custom framing. It all began when Gallery Owner Boots Harris discovered Rob Gonsalves at a Toronto art fair in the early 90s. Boots had always loved art and growing his own collection, so he decided to open Huckleberry Fine Art to help emerging artists sell their work. Gonsalves’s magical surrealist paintings were the first pieces Huckleberry showed, and the gallery quickly grew to showcase a handful of additional artists.

In our 23 years, Huckleberry Fine Art has moved from Bethesda Ave to our current location on Nebel Street. Today, Huckleberry Fine Art is the sole publisher of Rob Gonsalves’s work and holds the largest selection of his limited edition artwork, with over 70 pieces. Additionally, the gallery has grown to offer in-home consultation and art installation. With clientele ranging from the United States throughout North and South America and Europe, Huckleberry has a reputable following. We love bringing art into peoples’ lives and continuing to find new emerging artists. If you’re an artist or a local business looking to collaborate, give us a call.

Meet the team!


Boots, Gallery Owner

Networker extraordinaire, Boots Harris has an amazing ability to connect with people. With a degree in Business Management and Economics from Virginia Commonwealth University, Boots used his entrepreneurship and networking skills to start his own business, Huckleberry Fine Art. While Boots is known among the Huckleberry family as the brains and numbers man, he also has an eye for discovering emerging artists and is always on the search for the next big hit.



Kerilynn, Gallery Director

Kerilynn Vigneau hails from New Hampshire and graduated from New England College with a degree in studio art. She interned directly with the Gallery Director at NEC for 3 years, and spent a semester interning at the National Portrait Gallery. Even though her focus and degree was in oil painting, she truly loves helping artists get their art out to the public and placed in good homes! She has been the Gallery Director at Huckleberry Fine Art for over 5 years now and handles everything from curating shows, marketing, sales and even admin. She currently lives in DC with her fiancé and their pooch, Sadie. | Photo Credit: Tina Krohn.


Deneice, Gallery Assistant

Deneice Mazziotta has been working in the Art Business for more years than she cares to remember. Having lived and been educated throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic region, she feels fortunate to have had access to invaluable centers of culture and learning her entire life. “It’s all been an incredible journey,” she says of her lifetime of studying and teaching Art History, and representing major art collections and fine artists in galleries in and around Washington DC.  Whether mounting an exhibition, or preparing a lecture, she’ll never forget her mother’s cautionary words (28+ years ago), upon learning she was leaving academia to become an art consultant; “but you couldn’t even sell Girl Scout Cookies”! Little did we know. The rest is history…

Molly, Gallery Assistant

Molly Cohen has been dreaming up creative projects with friends since she was little and co-designed a paper zoo (cost per admission included!)  with drawings of giraffes and elephants taped to the walls. She channeled her creative pursuits into writing, learning the in’s and out’s of editing at local newspapers and magazines. With a degree in writing and design, Molly continues to use her creative problem solving skills at the gallery: crafting social media posts, making website updates, contributing to the blog, taking photos of events, and designing this ‘About’ page layout you’re reading. When she’s not at the gallery, you will find her writing with too many commas and getting lost exploring the city.


Sadie, Art Enthusiast & Gallery Cheerleader

Sadie is the official gallery greeter! A miniature poodle, she spends her days making sure everyone who enters the gallery is welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm.  When she is not greeting everyone, or begging newcomers to play fetch with her, you can usually find her napping in the sun, or in Kerilynn or Boot’s lap. During her off days she spends her day in DC with her owners Kerilynn and Nathan. Her favorite activities include running at the dog parks, playing fetch or chewing on her beloved squeaker toy that no longer squeaks.



Bill, Professional Framer

Bill is our professional framer and matter. He has been with us for over 15 years, and is heavily involved in the local art scene. Every year he performs in Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s Christmas Carol. You can find out more about our professional framing services here.





Rachel, Art Instructor

Rachel Gates is our art instructor at the gallery. She’s a talented visual artist who studied puppetry at Evergreen State College in Washington. With years of experience working for different theatre companies, Rachel brings an abundance of creativity and craftsmanship to the gallery. You can sign-up for Rachel’s classes here.