A Word from Our Artists

Today we’re introducing a new series on the blog where we shine a light on the creative geniuses behind
the artwork at Huckleberry. Each week we’ll ask our artists a new question about their creative process.
For our first post, we’re featuring two painters: Rob Gonsalves, the mind behind magic surrealism, and Debra
Keirce, queen of miniatures.

And now it’s time for this week’s question: What are some of your favorite places for inspiration?












                                 Rob Gonsalves                                                                                        Debra Keirce

“The lake near where we live, the forest where we live,                “For me, the inspiration is knowing that when I put these
cities with a mix of old and new architecture, and                          pieces out there…whether they resonate. I know there’s a
especially the night sky in the country where you can                  story inside each one of them, and if people can relate to
see lots of stars, or where the moon is an incredible                     them when they look at them, then they’re going to create
source of illumination are all inspiring to me.”                                 their own. That’s what excites me and inspires me about art.”

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