A Word from Our Artists #4

What do you listen to while you’re creating?

Rob Gonsalves”When I am in the early stages of creating an image, (conception of the idea and planning it out in sketches) I find I can’t listen to anything because that distracts from my concentration. However, once I finalize the composition of the idea and start painting on canvas, I definitely listen to a wide variety of types of music.”

Debra Keirce”I used to listen to music all the time. In fact, when I did commissions I’d give people a note saying I was listening to this type of music. If I had something with a lot of green, I’d listen to Keltic music, or if I had something really soothing, I’d like to classical music, Jakofsky or whatever. I got to the point where I started listening to these podcasts, and that’s the point where I’m at now. A bunch of not just artist podcasts, but also podcasts about The Bachelor, Ghost Stories, The Moth, and TED Talks.”

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